Friday, July 20, 2012

No more point and shoot!

Well folks, its official! I am an Aunt! :-) My pride cannot be contained!!! She is such a beautiful little human and has sparked an love obsession in me for baby photography. Thanks to Pinterest I have LOTS of ideas, but my point and shoot camera was not making the cut. My sister has been using and loving her Cannon Rebel EOS for a couple of years so I decided to take the plunge and I got the Cannon Rebel EOS T3.  
I am in love!
Here are some of my favorite shots of my beautiful niece...

 This is by far my favorite! She looks like a little angel on a cloud :-)

 I made her this little 'baby basket' on a Nifty Nitter.  I used the largest hat loom they make and it worked perfect! I want to make a green one next so she looks like a pea in a pod.

She is such a beauty!!! Every single photo of her was perfect, it was hard to pick favorites! I love this little girl!

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  1. Your subject was beautiful and you captured her beautifully! Great camera choice and fantastic job. Love the props. You did a fantastic job!