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Our home has a wonderful back story.  It was actually built by my grandparents in 1990 ( I was 6) so I have a ton of memories here from my childhood.  After my grandmother passed, my parents sold the home to a young family that they hoped would love the house as much as my grandparents did.  They lived in the house until they had to relocate. One thing led to another and boom the home was in foreclosure.
Our family was so sad to see a home we had so many memories in just sitting there with no one to love it.  My father went online every week for 3 years and watched to see when it would go up for auction.  His dream was to buy it back, restore it and sell it to another deserving family.  And then it happened!  A date set for the auction.  My dad even went down to the auction several weeks before to see how it all worked.  He studied and researched and in March of 2011 he bought the house so he could restore, rebuild and remake a house he loved for his daughter (me) and is future son-in law (Andy).
That's when our home journey began! 

P.S. The best part is, my parents live right next door...yep that's right, my parents live in the house directly to the left of ours.  They are the best neighbors we could ever ask for.  
This is our lovely home right after we cleaned off all of the vines, ripped out the front flower bed, replaced the front door and some of the landscaping.  We have since pulled the bromeliads that are around the small oak tree and replaced the roof.  Thank the lord summer vacation is almost here and we can get more yard work completed...more exterior pictures coming soon!

Now onto the undertaking that happened last summer...the interior!

This is a picture of the kitchen's eat-in nook, and dividing wall that housed the Fridge and the stove. My amazing dad is in the entry way changing the locks...This was our first night in the home after my parents went down to the courthouse and bought it as a foreclosure!

This is the beautiful dated disgusting kitchen peninsula.  Poor Andy's face says it all...what did we get ourselves into...

 This picture is looking through the kitchen into the formal dining room.  The tile grout should have been white not black.  My dad installed it years before; right before they sold it.

Oh how I miss this wall.  Thank the Lord we knocked this wall out!  It opens up the kitchen soooo much...You will see!

Now the during...
 I loved Demo!
 This opened up the kitchen, dining room great room and formal living room.
 Now we begin to rebuild.  Have I mentioned how amazing and knowledgeable my dad is! Really he is!
This is a picture of the first steps in building the kitchen island. 
 The tile floor came out amazing thanks to my dad and Andy.  I think I laid one tile and then I got fired cause I took too long :-)  One of the things we were able to salvage was the wood laminate in the great room.
Welcome beautiful wood cabinets from Cabinets 2 Go!
Future home of the microwave and wine rack.
 Looking out into the Great Room over the now GORGEOUS peninsula!


 I cannot say enough how amazing and talented my dad is! He did all of the wood work on the island and crown on the cabinets...and all of the lighting.  He worked very hard everyday even when me and Andy had to work and couldn't contribute!

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