Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rope Curtain Rod! AND DIY Curtains!

Two posts in one! This week I decided to update our master bedroom curtains...they are only a year old (how old is too old for curtains?) but I will be donating them to little baby Aubrey's nursery since they match so perfectly. I have been searching blogland for unique curtain ideas that are also thrifty. I found exactly what I was looking for on the blog Vintage Revival.  Mandy created an amazing look by using rope and eye-hooks for the curtain rod and canvas drop cloth as the curtains.  This is how it went...

This is what I bought to create window treatments for TWO windows: (L)-Lowes (H)-Home Depot (W)-Walmart (BBB)-Bed Bath and Beyond

2- 4'x15' Canvas Drop Cloth (L) Cost-$37.96
4- Galvanized 1/4 Hex Nuts (L) Cost-$0.56
20' of Rope (L) Cost-$11.60
2-Sample jars of paint in your color choices (L) Cost-$5.96
6- 3/8"x6" eye-bolts with nuts (H) Cost-$6.66
 12- Fender Washers 3/8 (H) Cost-$3.00
6- 2"x2"x1/8" HG Anchor Bolt Square Washer 5/8" (H) Cost-$1.68
2- 6" Boat Cleat (W) Cost-$5.52
Spray Paint-Oil rubbed bronze (W) Cost-$3.67
3- Curtain Rings set of 7 (BBB) Cost-$25.65 (price reflects 20% coupon for each set)

Total Cost: $102.26 (I had a $25 gift card to BBB so the cost was actually less. Make sure you take all of your coupons and gift cards with you to save money!)

You will also need some heavy duty mollies and screws to hang everything. We had those already so I am not sure how much they cost but I know Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart all carry them.

 I bought 4 cleats but only used 2...I am sure I can find a use for the other two... :-)

Here are the mollies and screws I used to hang everything.

First, Curtains...

 First I washed and dried the drop cloth. Then,I laid it out flat and folded it in half. I cut the two halves apart making my two curtains. I folded the cut edge and hemmed it...

I did this for both halves and then did the same for the second drop cloth making a total of four curtain panels...
I then LIGHTLY starched and ironed the panels.

 I laid the curtain over a table (make sure it is a table or floor you can get paint on...the paint will bleed through!)I measured and taped off my stripes. 

I then started rolling out the paint...

There are so many things you could do here...stripes, circles, stencils...You name it! And that's it! Your curtains are done!!!

Next, Rope Curtain Rods...

***Before you assemble the eye-hook apparatus drill two holes on opposite corners of the square plate for mounting.  Then spray paint all parts bronze (including boat cleats.) Then assemble eye-hook, nut, round washer, square mounting washer, round washer, nut.  Tighten and cut off excess from eye-hook with bolt cutters. Now that all eye-hooks are assembled, you are ready to mount.  You will need a drill, large drill bit (big enough to create a hole for the rear nut to go into, so mounting plate will lay flush), a level, screw driver and hammer (for the mollies), measuring tape and pencil. Decide where you want them above the window (I went higher since the curtain rings hang down a couple of inches and I didn't want the top of the window showing.) Drill the center hole, put up eye-hook flush and mark where the mounting screws will go.  Then hammer and screw in the mollies, put up eye-hook flush, level and screw in! Do this two more times(measuring and leveling between each) to finish one window.  If you have a second window like I did, repeat the above steps for the second window :-)
Next, cut the rope in half to make 2- 10' pieces. Tie a knot in one end of the rope and string the rope through the eye hooks (it's a good idea to add the curtains rings onto each side at this time)Run the rope completely through and let hang while you decide where to put your boat cleat.  MAKE SURE YOU MOUNT THE BOAT CLEAT WITH MOLLIES(if it does not screw directly into a stud!) If you do not, the boat cleat will rip out of the wall! Mount the boat cleat and secure the end of the rope by wrapping the rope around the cleat. I tied a knot at the end of the rope and frayed the end for and extra touch :-) Now you are ready to clip on your DIY curtains you made and you are done!!!


We decided to freshen up the master (when we replaced the flooring) by adding new curtains with grommets and they look AMAZING on the rope rod!!! Plus, it was SUPER easy to change out the curtains! Just unloop the rope off of the boat cleat and run through grommets.
Wa-La a fresh new look!

This week I also created a fun Chevron sign to hang above the couch...tutorial on that coming soon!

Until then... get creative!



  1. Gorgeous!! I LOVE this idea. Love your whole room too!

  2. Thank you so much!!! :-)

  3. Do the eyebolts droop once in the wall? Or are they sturdy? I can't seem to figure it out since there is a lot of space from where the hoop ends and the threading starts... Help!

  4. They are very sturdy once you anchor them to the wall. I really cranked down to tighten the rope and they held tight. Please let me know if you have any other questions :-)

  5. I am attempting to do this project. I have everything but the HG Anchor Bolt Square Washer. Can you send me a link to order these online or give me more info about them? My Home Depot and Lowe's do not have them. Also I am planning on using 1/2 in eyebolts since my window is bigger and I want a more substantial look. Do you see any problem with this? Thanks for your ideas and your help!

    1. Hi Jolie! I am sorry my reply is so late! I found a web site that has them... . I was able to find them at Home Depot (I am usually a Lowe's girl but they didn't have them) I think the 1/2 inch eye bolts will be fine as long as they fit in the washer. Send me pictures when you finish, I would love to see the finished product! :-) :-)

  6. Oh gosh! I am not sure exactly... It was the thickest rope that Lowe's carried. I took my eye bolt with me to make sure it fit through. :-)

  7. Hi Jen, would you mind if I included a photo of your curtains with your watermark and a link to these instructions in a blog post I'm writing about beach themed decor in RV's?