Thursday, June 21, 2012

$50 Craigslist still my heart!

So, I am a hardcore Craigslist window shopper!  I wake up every Sunday and make my coffee and sit on the couch while scanning the wood furniture posts on Craigslist.  I know! I am sick! We do not need anymore furniture in our house....BUT it's so therapeutic :-)  About a month ago I came across a beautiful French Provencal hutch for 50 buck! Needless to say, I wanted needed that hutch! I convinced my amazing fiance to drive me an hour to pick it up ( I never retrieve my Craigslist finds without a friend for protection.) With all of that said here is my hutch makeover...
This was the Craigslist post...Hutch BEFORE

 The first item of business was to remove the  hardware and spray paint it bronze to match our door handles throughout the house.  Then, I lightly sanded and primed everything with dark gray spray primer. 
*Sigh* I miss Valspar spray paint from Lowes! Bring it back Lowes! Bring it back!

Next, I mixed up some homemade chalk paint and got to work painting everything a light cream.

Then, I distressed the corners and edges with 150 grit sand paper and wiped it all down with tack clothe to remove the dust. I then waxed the whole thing with Minwax finishing wax.  It gives the furniture a nice buttery feel.
 Andy thought that the handles looked better upside down...
they look like mustaches to me.
 Ahhh much better!
This is the finished product! Now I have to decide if I want to wall paper the back...I think I will...another day :-)

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